Huawei P30 pro Android not showing some videos

I have a Huawe P30 pro with Android up to date and abruptly not showing some “extra” videos with different perspectives of the exercises, I could see them before, but since a while , when I try to open these extra videos I receive the error message “Error code: E-A-VP100” “your device cant reproduce this kind of videos”

Hey Rafa :wave:t2:

This can be a problem with :robot: devices unfortunately, but it can usually be solved by changing the default video player on your device.

I have the same device, default player is currently set to “HUAWEI Video”, and don’t have this problem at the moment. I have noticed that when I have changed the default player on occasion, it can also affect video playback in the app.

It’s probably one of the negatives with the :robot: ecosystem, LOTS of different video players available each with their own technical standard.

You could try changing the default player to a few things, VLC player also usually works quite well on most :robot: devices for most users, but also try the default player :+1:t2:


You were right. Solved with this tip.
Thx so much.

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