Is Freeletics really AI driven?

I am new to this community and am wondering if Freeletics is really AI driven? Does it only provide a personalized training based on the initial survey or does it adapt the training plan as we go through our trainings based on how we perform?

Yes! Well, it actually uses “human augmented AI.” The CEO Daniel did an interview with Forbes where he goes into quite a lot of detail about the AI, plus was guest on a podcast if you’re interested in how it all works.

So what does the AI do? Sobhani says it does three things.

1. Predict what exercises you’ll be able to do and want to do based on first getting a very short profile from you, then comparing you to Freeletics’ other 50 million users.
2. Create workouts out of sets of exercises while learning how you react and what results you get.
3. Adjust workouts based on available equipment ... because you probably have less gear at home than in your gym.
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