Login with Facebook doesn’t work

I‘ve been logged in with Facebook before. Now it doesn’t work anymore and I have to choose either apple-ID or google. All my data is gone and my subscription doesn’t work anymore. Is there a way to a) recover and transfer the data and b) transfer my subscription if you guys no longer have the option to login with Facebook

Meta (Facebook) had a world wide outage on 5th of March.
I’m guessing it has to be linked as I saw more topics like yours right after it happened.

Hopefully your issue gets sorted soon. :crossed_fingers:

Seems like this is a solution from this topic :arrow_right:Why can I not login with my facebook account anymore?

Yeah I answered with the solution :sweat_smile:
To anyone still looking for an answer: use your Facebook email address and click „forgot password“… you‘ll a receive a new password you can use for login

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Hi I don’t have access to my facebook email, what should I do ?
I may need support to transfer my account to the ios account I am connecting from right now…

SAME PROBLEM!!! I’m sooooo angry!

Hey @here :wave:t2:

Although the “Log in with Facebook” option has been removed, you can still log in with the email address that is linked to your Freeletics account.

What we’re seeing is that some users simply don’t know what the email address is, and have ended up creating completely new accounts, which will obviously have no training history, and also no susbscription.

If you are still struggling to log in to your account the team will be able to support you identify the correct one :point_down:t2:


In order to help the team identify your original account as quickly as possible it’ll be helpful if you can:

  1. Share the User ID of your original account if you know it
  2. Share your full name
  3. If you purchased from an App Store, your App Store receipt
  4. If you purchased from our website using a card, the last 4 digits only of your credit card (please don’t share your full card number) along with the full name of the cardholder and the date you were last charged
  5. If you purchased from our website using PayPal, your last PayPal transaction number