New update - Workout Builder

Hey @Josh, thanks for the feedback :+1:t2: I’ll make sure we discuss it in the team.


What is the timeframe to get the Workout Builder on iOS?



Hey everyone :wave:t2:

We’ve made some recent updates to the Workout Builder that is available on the Android app. These updates should finish rolling out to everyone by this time next week :calendar:

create workout

  • Drag and drop functionality in the “Create workout” screen allowing you to move elements of the workout around
  • Further localization of the feature in to other supported languages
  • Exercise list search bar-no more endless scrolling!
  • Option to delete a workout
  • New workout configuration options-including specifying exercise reps, duration, and weights for weighted exercises
  • Revamped the entry point to the builder in the “Explore all” section

. . .

Thanks so much for everyones input and feedback so far-this has been invaluable in helping us to focus on these changes :pray:t2:

And as always, please let us know what you think about the changes :point_down:t2:



Great to see that this is under development. When will it be available for IOS?


Hey Bex :wave:t2:

I think you will see this pretty soon! I’m really reluctant to share an exact date in case it moves back a sprint or two. But the feature for iOS is being worked on :+1:t2:


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Ok-I need to share an FYI that we have to make some further changes to this so we aren’t able to continue to roll these specific updates out to everyone :frowning_face:

There is good news though! We are hopeful of being able to release even more updates to the “builder” and we should also be in a position to introduce the Workout Builder to the iOS app fairly soon :smiling_face:


I love that new feature and i appreciate the work behind it. What i really miss at next, is the opportunity to edit a created workout.
ClapClap Markus

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Hey Markus :wave:t2:

That is so great to hear and thank you :smiling_face:

This is now coming very soon-rollout of the updates mentioned in this post has begun again and an editing ability is in there :+1:t2:



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I’ve updated the first post with the very latest updates starting to roll out this week.

And I have good news regarding the iOS version for the likes of @AOhReallyUh, @Freddy and @carlossantos…we’re hoping to have this in the iOS app in the next 2-3 weeks :crossed_fingers:t2: I’ll update this thread when this is certain.



Woohoo! Just in time for Christmas! ThNks for the update Ben! I am really excited to try out the builder :smiley:

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This is great news!!! Can’t wait for the builder! Thanks for the update,.

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