Change to the "Training Journeys" entry point

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

We’ve made a change in the Training app that affects where you can view, and change, your current Training Journey.

From now on, the range of Training Journeys can be accessed via your Coach settings (i.e. the settings icon in the top right hand corner of your “Coach” tab).

“Training Journey” will be at the top of the settings shown, and tapping on it will allow you to view all currently available Training Journeys. To change journey, all you need to do is simply select one that most suits your training goal, and tap on “Start your Training Journey”.

Just remember that if you change your journey, you start it from the beginning, and it is not possible to go back to your original training.



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How about letting us mix two hour eyes at once, 3 days of each or 3 or one and 4 of the other?

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I have always wanted this. It would be fantastic to mix and match two journeys and indicate which days you want for each journey. I personally would mix a running journey with hybrid strength. What were you thinking of mixing together?