Freeletics shop: some articles no longer available in a quick time

I find unfortunate that some articles are quickly no longer available in the Freeletics shop. Such a long time, I wanted to buy a cap with the logo… It never came on sell again. Or a 16 kg kettlebell, it is already out of order, and since many months… However, two years ago, it did not exist…
What is happening? Does anyone can tell me if these articles will be in the shop again? Thank you. BW.

Hi @Yvan
We totally get where you’re coming from, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
A part of our items in the shop are produced in limited quantities, and once they’re gone, we do not restock them. We understand it can be a frustrating when you’ve got your eye on something and it’s no longer available.

Now, about the kettlebell. We had to switch suppliers, which caused some delays in production. That’s why it’s been out of stock for quite a while. The good news is we’re planning to have them back in stock just in time for our Black Friday sale. So mark your calendar and keep an eye out.


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That is a good new, indeed! Thank you and best wishes.

Yvan Janin

Sorry for the delay… But everything at the black friday was erased…

Yes please also bring back FL shorts. I have them for years now and they are still in use.
I was really surprised with quality. Unfortunately not in store for a long time now.

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