Mental coach and already listened audios

There are many audios for the mental coach and the recommendations on coach tab are repeated many times.

It would be great to get another way of using them so they are not repeated so many times.
Meanwhile, a simple icon that shows that one audio has been already listened would be very useful for not listening them again and again. Some kind of mark that let us know that the audio was already listened.

I have seen that mark only appears when the recommendation from coach refers to a series of audios that consist on several chapters and then a bar that says 5/5 episodes completed appears but there is no mark or sign for individual chapters.

When using the explore tab, we need to enter to the picture that content a series of chapters to know if they have been completed partially or totally. The same bar that appears in the icon where the coach recommend that audio on the actual day, could be added there .

For the individual chapters, the problem is the same. There is no mark or sign and we need to enter and audio starts paying and maybe you realize that it was listened before.

I know that is a feature that was included for free, but once that is implemented, it could be improved.

I don’t understand how it could be so expensive for the mental coach subscribers with those basic issues.