The Freeletics Euro Cup Challenge

Get ready to sweat it out on the digital pitch as Freeletics brings you the ultimate fitness showdown - the Freeletics Euro Cup Challenge! :trophy: :soccer: Just like the thrilling Euro football tournament, this challenge will put your athletic prowess to the test, with 24 countries vying for the coveted title.

How to Play

:calendar: Dates: The Freeletics Euro Cup Challenge kicks off on Friday, June 14, 2024, and runs until Sunday, July 14, 2024, at 23:59 CET.

:earth_africa: 24 Countries, 1 Group Stage: The challenge kicks off with a group stage, mirroring the Euro format. Each country has an Ambassador acting as the team captain, responsible for rallying their squad of dedicated Athletes.

:boxing_glove: Knockout Stages: After the group stage, the challenge follows the Euro format, with the last 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the grand finale. The next matches will be determined by the Freeletics results, not the real Euro matches.

:soccer: Match Day Workouts: On match days, you’ll have the chance to support the country of your choice by completing the designated “God Workout” and sharing it in the Freeletics app community feed with your country’s hashtag. Workouts MUST be posted to the feed to be eligible (no manual logging allowed, you have to perform the workout). You can complete each God Workout up to 5 times per match for multiple points.

#TeamAlbania #TeamEngland #TeamNetherlands #TeamSlovakia
#TeamAustria #TeamFrance #TeamPoland #TeamSlovenia
#TeamBelgium #TeamGeorgia #TeamPortugal #TeamSpain
#TeamCroatia #TeamGermany #TeamRomania #TeamSwitzerland
#TeamCzechia #TeamHungary #TeamScotland #TeamTurkey
#TeamDenmark #TeamItaly #TeamSerbia #TeamUkraine

:trophy: Winning the Match: The country with the highest number of hashtagged workouts wins the match and earns valuable points. Stay tuned to our Instagram Stories and Blog article for match results!

:gift: Prizes: After each stage (group, last 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final), prizes will be raffled off among all eligible participants. The more stages you participate in and the more workouts you complete, the higher your chances of winning! Prizes range from Freeletics subscriptions and merchandise to exclusive lifetime access and national jerseys.

:trophy: Glory Awaits: Show your team spirit, share your sweaty selfies with #Freeletics and @Freeletics, and get ready to claim the ultimate prize - the glory of being the Freeletics Euro Cup Champion!

Let the games begin! Lace up your sneakers, represent your country with pride, and let the fittest team emerge victorious.

For more information including the applicable terms & conditions take a look at our Blog post here.

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And here you can see all the Group match-ups and the assigned workouts :point_down:t2:

Needless to say, get behind #TeamScotland tomorrow by completing Metis and putting #TeamScotland in the workout post comment :muscle:t2:


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Hi together,

one question: does it only count when you do the workout on game day or until when do you have time? E.g Metis does only count today for Scotland/Germany?

It only counts today, and only for today’s game. i.e. of you want to do Metis today you should comment either #TeamScotland or #TeamGermany depending on who you are supporting.

Of course, #TeamScotland is the best option :wink:


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Thanks for the feedback and clarification :slight_smile:
And I will come back to your suggestion later in the tournament but today it will be #TeamGermany :wink:
So for all undecided #TeamGermany is the tag to use today :smiley:

Noooooooo! #TeamScotland is definitely the hashtag to use!


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Hey there, friends! Tomorrow is the big day – the Freeletics Eurocup final! Team Switzerland has made it to the finals with all your help, but we need one last push.

Do an Aphrodite and support #TeamSwitzerland. Besides the Freeletics gear and lifetime subscriptions up for grabs, I’ll be raffling off some awesome supplements among my followers. Check out my Instagram for more details.

Hop Suisse! :man_lifting_weights::tada: