Add runs to "personalised workout"

In the new functionality in the app where it is possible to create ones own exercise/workout I miss the option of including runs. For now, only a list of workout exercises is shown.

As an example, I would like to create e.g. a series of interval runs of 10 x 200 m with 30 seconds pause/break between each run .


Hi @gosta.schwarck , I don’t think this is yet available but I agree! Hopefully in a future update!

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really nice suggestion. So we could create interval trainings and not worry about looking at a watch or other timers to control, and even better, have already control over desired distances.

Good one @gosta.schwarck

I love this suggestion. I would absolutely use runs in my custom workouts!

Please please please please add runs and sprints to create your own workouts.
Again: please.