Adding different exercises to app

I’m beginner in this app. I’m starting just today and I would like to add an exercise plan that I already have, but I could not find some exercises in options when I go to create a workout.
For example crunch 90º is not available. Is there any option I could insert different exercises so I can accomplish the trainings that I have and improve with the app settings?

Hi @meliponarioperminio ,

at first have a look, if the excercises are in with a different name. Maybe Situps, reverse crunch, reverse flies etc … is what you are looking for.
Adding new excercises to the programm is so far not in this app.


Hi @meliponarioperminio, it is definitely possible that the exercises you’re looking have a different name in the app, as @Liverputlian suggested.

For example the crunch 90degres or crunch 90/90, would be the equivalent of the reverse crunch in the app.
To note that the reverse crunch is a more advanced version of the 90 crunch as your legs are extended. But feel free to modify when doing the actual movement.