Alternative to exercises

Hello coaches / Freeletics
I’m loving the app . Is it possible in the future updates off the app to have a section with in the coache daily work out plan to show alternate exercises that can be done if someone cannot do the suggested workout
Eg burpees , or jumping jacks ( non impact ones )
Most exercises I can execute without any problems but some are little bit advanced.
I’ve tired using the ADAPT options


Hi @Nayan2flytoserve , that’s a great idea!
Although, the best way possible to achieve that at the moment is to give appropriate feedback to your coach at the end of the session by saying it was too hard or couldn’t do an exercise. The Coach will then adapt the next session by reducing the intensity or giving you alternative exercises that could better fit your current fitness level.

I like this question and follow. In earlier version of the app there there was possible to see alternative / simplified exercise. I really miss that function.