Athlete Profil: Page not found


The Link to share your Profile just shows: Page not found.
Example here, my Profile, not set to Private:


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Hi @bastik

Does it happen if you share it through a specific social media (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc…)? Could you try different ones if possible and keep me update?
The Freeletics app is installed on the phone trying to use the link right?

Yes happens everywhere. I posted the Link which is shared and when you click it, you will see the error. I also shared it via E-Mail with the same result

I have the same issue.

Strange thing is that it suddenly worked, at least on my iPhone. But anyway, these 404-Page you get on Desktop needs to be fixed to give at least a hind.

Problem still exists on Desktop

Hey Bastik,

Just to tidy this one up, these links are not meant to work on a desktop. The Athlete profiles are only visible in the App-they aren’t hosted on web pages or anything like that.