Be able to watch videos of all exercises before starting a training session

Hi I would like to watch and prepare all videos prior to entering in a training session.

Currently I can do this with the warm up.

However I need to start the training and complete the warm up. And then pause the training until I browse through the subsequent exercises in the main workout. Usually a break of 10 minutes which makes the warm up useless.

Similar with the cool down



I totally agree with you on that. Although I very much like the new training flow that is one of the biggest flaws within it.

I would want them to fix that but in the meantime I will provide you with a workaround I have used. If you go to the warm up and in the 3 points at the top right corner you select “delete” (I don’t have it in English so the word may be another similar) you go to the next exercise and then you can view the videos in advance. You can keep doing that until you have watched everything. If you leave the training sessions without starting anything you have not deleted nothing and you can still do it as it was.

Hope that helps until they fix the problem.