Skip warm-up on new Android UI

The new UI does not allow to skip warm-ups anymore. Please bring back that possibility

It is still possible. Just start the session and you will see a three dot menu in right upper corner of warm-up, choose delete (on the same screen where the warmup is shown in detail and where you would start the warmup itself).

HI- Do you know if the flow view is now a permanent feature that cant be turned off?

It seems so.
But after a while, it’s really nice to have. I wasn’t a fan first and didn’t want it.

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It is now permanent and will be deployed on iOS later this year.

But this was all discussed during the A/B trial and it seems the issues highlighted by many people still exist. Examples from thread back in April:

Flow view very annoying if given multiple exercises (E.g snatch L, snatch R, clean L, clean R, sit-ups, interval, burpees) because:

  • I want to do the burpees first but can’t postpone more than one exercise in a row

  • Or I have done the snatches and cleans but can’t remember what is in the interval, have to exit the session to view, then continue

  • Or I decide to postpone the sit-ups and leave the session to check what is after the interval, go back in and have to postpone the sit-ups again

If you remove an exercise from the workout, go back to the main screen to see the workout overview and then back into the session, the removed workout has reappeared

I had almost this exact situation last week- did my warmup, next was clean L and clean R. I can’t do them yet because someone else is using the kettlebells, so my only option is to remove them completely from the workout or sit and wait. Annoying, but I decided to remove them so I could get on with workout. Next up is Turkish get ups L and R, so have the same issue!

Some comments from the trial were a personal preference but what I have highlighted above makes the app unusable. All this just to save 1 click to move on to next exercise! Not an issue if we can opt in/out of using this view so why make it mandatory?