Discount on coach and nutrition

I just have a question about discount. I was offered 50% off coach and nutrition. But then it expired. Does anyone know if it’s possible to access it again?


Hey Joel :wave:t2:

All the discount campaigns are pretty time sensitive so I’m sorry that it sounds you missed out on this one. The good news is that you can still take advantage of a 30% discount for the first payment period of a new subscription using someone’s invite code.

I’m sure someone will happily share their code with you here :wink:


Hi JoelH,
On the Reddit group a couple of days ago someone shared this discount code for 60% off:

In case that doesn’t work, any Freeletics Premium member can give you a referral link for a 30% discount. This is mine:

Thanks! That coupon worked if you changed it from 60 to 50! I’m on my way to start my Freeletics life again😎

Awesome! I’m glad it helped :grin: