50% Discount upon renewal


I already canceled my subscription in order to use the lifetime access.
However, my subscription only ends in January 10th.

I just saw today that there is a 50% discount available on a Yearly subscription. How can I take advantage of that? That would be better because I wanna try the option with nutrition for a year first.

Is that possible?

Best Regards.

You can use this 50% discount offer only when your subscription is already inactive - so you have to wait until 11th January.

But how can I save the yearly offer until 11th January?
Is there a coupon I can use by then?

I wanted to try the coach + nutrition yearly first before going for lifetime.
Also, if I wait for the cancelation first, will I loose my perfect weeks achievement?

There is no way to save actual offers. But there’s good chances that there will be such an offer still in January.

Your perfect week streak will only be broken if you really break it. If you continue your coach with a new subscription and still manage all scheduled coach days - your streak is still alive.

Ok. But imagine that I’m in a middle of a journey and mid week.
When the subscription ends, will it not close the journey?

No, it won’t.