Doesn’t want to wait next year to see how many I’ve done so far

Hi All,

Beginning of the year we received a summary of 2022 with the number of rep performed.
Why wait beginning of ‘24 to see it again?
Why not having the information shown somewhere to see progress ?

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As far as I know it’s very expensive in performance to calculate the statistics (due to some changes in database schema).
I also please for statistics for years - but I guess chances are very low.
I personally have my own excel sheets with some numbers (e.g. Burpees) and will work on an own static tool which can read the yaml file containing the training data.

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Hi MelaLetics, thx for your reply.

I’m surprised by the fact this could be very expensive in term of performance when I’m seeing what can do ChatGPT… But I’m not an IT guy.
By the way, on my iPhone I’m using Healthfit app to concatenate all my sports activities (Fitness app is so poor), and this app does not expensive performance.

Have a nice day :smile:

Where can I find the yaml file with the training data?

You can sende an ask request under Profile → Settings → Privacy Policy → Personal → Export Data

(My App ist in German so the exact names could be different).

I guess you’ve never trained or created an AI model? Or worked with databases containing mass data?

I really don’t know how Freeletics is implemented but I assume it’s more a really good and precisely working pattern matching than a neuronal network. So a comparison with ChatGPT (which you easily can mislead to get wrong answers) isn’t the right scale.

Hi melaLetics, your guess is correct :slight_smile:
as mentioned I’m not an IT guy and never work around AI and/or database system.

Maybe a “middle ground” could be to get those info every month instead of every year