Missing data values for interval

Completed intervals time data are displayed on the coach tab for 2 weeks, then this data is not included on the Training History section.

Hey Erkan,

Yeah, these values have never been shown on that screen. Why would you want to see that information at that point for intervals?

Every Freeathlete needs data to understand their progress. In recent years, a few applications that can provide monitoring, data storage and stats visualization are advancing to leadership. Even if Freeletics tries to do something about it, unfortunately, it is easy to see that there is still a lot to do. Therefore, I wish a new design for the profile tab. Why do we want data because Freeletics can’t provide it to us so we’ll have to look and try to understand it ourselves.

I also realize that I still haven’t answered your question, Ben. But first I want to know, do you really want to learn?

Hey Erkan, I think for this specific piece of information, or “missing information” as it currently is, it would be interesting to know why you would want to see how long an interval took. It isn’t like a God workout, where one can compare the time taken to a previous effort-the time for an interval is just a time, it isn’t something that one can use to track progress, or an increase in fitness.



I’m also not interested in time an interval took. It’s probably of importance for the AI being the brain of the coach. But I really don’t see any impact for myself.

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I understand, you are not asking me anything, and you are sure that you have the right and sufficient opinion.

However, I keep wishing this topic to be welcomed from Freeathletes and to be an added feature development.

I think you misunderstand me Erkan, I certainly don’t have a fixed opinion. It would be helpful to know why you would want to see this time in there-this is why I asked you this previously.

From a training progress perspective, the time taken for an interval doesn’t have a huge amount of value. Whereas the time taken to complete Charon, as an example, probably has more value-as this can be directly compared to other Charon efforts to see if one is getting quicker (thereby stronger/fitter).


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At least I’m trying to understand you correctly. During the training process, it would not be right to approach it as this is important, this is less important. But as you said, maybe with God Workouts, gains can be verified, but gains are obtained with intervals. For this reason, we need values to get an idea about the quality of the interval process.

So the time and or the number of repetitions are recorded for each round, then both the Freeletics AI aka Coach and ourselves will be closer to correct analysis.