Downtime on Thursday 19 May 04:00-06:00 CET

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

I just want to share an FYI that we have to do some essential server maintenance that will result in problems using the app, or accessing the website for 2 hours between 4am and 6am Central European Time tomorrow, on Thursday 19 May.

We’ve tried to schedule this to affect as few people as possible, but if you are affected we are very sorry for this.



Thanks for sharing that info!

That information should have come sooner (3 days minimum) And not only in the forum. Why isn’t this available as a push message in the App? I get up at 5:30 a.m. for my workout. The maintenance took much longer. That wasn’t a good communication. I was really upset this morning.

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I got a push notification yesterday :thinking:

yes, when the system was down. But why not 3 days before?

It was the day before downtime.

Hey @ArtTour :wave:t2:

I’m sorry you feel we didn’t communicate this well enough-I think it’s worth us looking at how we might try and do this better next time and it’s something I can make sure we discuss.

For context, we didn’t have a lot of time that we could postpone this, and we really did need to do the essential work. As @melaLetics said, we also tried to inform everyone through a notification in the app as well, but depending on settings not everyone will have received them.

Thanks for the feedback though, and I’m truly sorry if you were caught out by this :+1:t2: