Finishing time is erratic

I’m so sorry that I have to report another bug.

I did a Dione today. My previous PB is 26:52, and I finished 27:10 today. When I saved the workout I was congratulated on a new PB which was totally random: 26:17. I’m absolutely sure that I finished with 27:10, because I particularly watched the time still hoping in the end to finish with a new PB (which I didn’t). I have absolutley no idea why the coach clocked 26:17 – this is erratic. (By the way: the same happend on Tuesday, now that I think of it. It took me longer to finish 2xPrometheus then the app clocked after I hit “finish”.)

I have iOS 15.6.1 on an iPhone 12; coach version is Beta 22.33.0

Hi, same observation here.

seems the time of the last excercise is not included see picture below

Iphone 12/ ios 15.6.1 / version. 22.32.1