Font partly too small


I have a little problem, literally. :sweat_smile:
It’s about the size of the font during the short interval pauses, the font that indicates the next exercise.

I rely on reading glasses for everyday life, so I can’t decipher this small font.
I have to either put on and take off my glasses during the few seconds break or wait until the next exercise starts, because then I can see what the “leader” is doing.

Both options are quite inconvenient and often make the whole thing a hectic affair.

I always try to remember the sequence in advance, but unfortunately that doesn’t always work. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Would it be possible to either significantly enlarge the font during the pauses indicating / announcing the following exercise or to display an image of the following exercise?

That would be great and a great improvement! :pray:t2::blush::raised_hands:

Thank you and kind regards


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Hey Emma, let me raise this with the team and see if there is anything we can do to try and help make the app more accessible in this kind of case.

Thanks for raising the issue :pray:t2: