God Workout absence in new version

Since the last App version applied I can’t find anymore where to select the God workouts, can you help me please?
I just find Coaches to make several weeks trainings. Thanks

Hey Xavi :wave:t2:

You should be able to access them on the Coach tab in the app :point_down:t2:



Hi Ben
Thanks for your answer :wink:
I don’t use the Coach sessions/routines/trainings and this is the only thing I can see in the App :

Does this means I can’t access the God Workouts if I don’t select a several weeks routine?
Thanks again

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Ah, I understand :+1:t2:

Yes, you’ll need to select a Training Journey-it doesn’t matter which one if you don’t plan on doing it (or are using the free version).

Once you do so, you should see the screen I shared :+1:t2:


Thanks Ben again for your help :+1: have a nice day

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