Training without journey?


Have recently completed a training journey and thought of taking a few days with active rest and just do a few workouts without really being in a journey.

Now it looks like I cannot select any god or self created workout without being in a training journey. Can’t find this in the app as the coach only displays the training journeys to select from.

Have I missed something?


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No, you simply have to select your next journey. And then you just start it whenever you want.
Keep in mind: your perfect week strike will be lost if you do not continue with a coach week.

Was thinking if I should mention my opinion about this here or not. Well, I will share anyway.

This force into a new journey was frustrating me quite a bit. Mainly because I was tired and needed recovery after the hell week. Was already looking forward to a week without coach and only the flexibility to choose some of the gods or self made workouts. To suit active recovery.

Well that was not possible. Instead the next journey started and who just skips coach assigned workouts when starting a new journey? When the journey starts I want to do it, when it’s forced it does not feel good, it kills motivation.

Just sharing my opinion. (Was also considering to look for another app, btw.)

I agree on this Manuel, I just finished my training journey on Saturday and would have liked to just complete a few workouts without a training journey.

I also agree. I did some coach free days after a hell week enjoying some workouts chosen by myself before that stupid perfect week strike badge was introduced.
I guess getting rid off this, more people than just me would select a new journey but start it with a week delay and do all the nice workouts the coach doesn’t assign in a Journey.
Also many users won’t train being ill anymore.

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I guess this was introduced with the merge of the Coach and the Explore (?) Tab. In my opinion this was a wrong decision. There is a coach who/which makes my training plan according to the selected journey. All extra workouts or exercises I do has nothing to do with the coach and should therefore not be part of the Coach tab! Bringing back the two tabs should also solve the problem of this topic (Training without a journey).

Regarding the perfect week strike: I totally ignore it because it is a wrong motivator. There are injuries where one prefers to do other sports or illness where you cannot do sport at all and finally sometimes you just need an extra rest,


I would also like to be able to do workouts outside of a journey…for the same reasons.

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Yes totally agree!!! It was much better when having two tabs, one with the coach and one separate with the god workouts, exercises and similar. Since only one tab much complains from my community in munich…

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I also try to exercise regularly. For me, a day without the gym is a day wasted