Google Playstore freeletics app not working in my country

Can freeletics tech guys please make the app work in Bermuda

Heya and a big welcome :wave:t2:

The app will work worldwide-all you need is an active internet connection :+1:t2:


Many thanks Ben. It might work if I can first download it. But Google play store says I can’t do that in my region which is Bermuda. See attached screenshot. Can your tech guys fix that please?

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Ah, I understand now, thanks for clarifying :+1:t2:

You can use this link to download the app :point_down:t2:


Thanks again Ben. I have a policy of not downloading apps from anything other than Google playstore or Galaxy Store to protect myself from possible viruses etc. I would prefer to wait until ‘my region’ is included in those stores for this app. Hopefully your tech guys can help fix that glitch. I have had this occur occasionally with some other apps and then was fixed when I contacted them.

Hi Steve, it is great that you are prudent about your security, I am very prudent too :closed_lock_with_key:

While downloading .apk files can pose risks if from unknown sources, if it is provided directly by the app developer, it is unlikely to have security issues.

There might be reasons why it is not very easy or quick for the team to make the app available in your region, so why wait. Your choice, of course, just my two cents.

+1 to the security concern.
This APK is however the one that we are sending to Google, so it’s clean.
Also important to note, every time a new version is released, the link is updated, meaning updates are not done automatically.

I think the app is available in all countries. you can refer to ios