Improve "no equipment" tab in adjust sessions

Hi there,

I guess there is a small improvement to made in the adjusting session feature.
One point is the “I have no equipment” tab. With this tab u can only chose between equipment and no equipment. In the reality its more often that only one or two equipments parts are missing like dumbbell or jumping rope but boxes, walls etc are still there.

So maybe u could add an extra tab behind the “no equipment” one where we can chose which pieces are missing.

Thx in advance

Hey Christopher :wave:t2: This functionality already exists in the app to some degree. Athletes can just go in to their Coach settings and update their equipment there-sessions will be automatically adjusted to take in to account any change to this.

The “Adapt session” feature is just meant to be a quick, straightforward solution to some basic adaptions-and really isn’t meant to replace functionality that is available elsewhere :+1:t2: