Is it possible to access to beta version?

Is it possible to access to beta version? I wanted to ask via app support but I have seen that this has also been removed.
How can we ask for support now? I have seen that there are several entries and topics in the help link but how can we contact directly with support as we did using the app form?

If you are using an Android App, you can switch to beta by yourself in app store.
Being on iOS, you have to be invited to TestFlight by Freeletics. This is limited to a couple of users (about 100?) by Apple itself. So these chance to get the beta is really low.

My first support contact is always the forum because it is way faster than the official support channel. In case of getting no answer, I usually write directly an email to support.

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Thanks very much. Could you please share the support email address? Or is the same than before?

It is still the same :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the Beta program for Android is open and you can join through Google Play :point_down:

Apple program is currently closed.


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