Join our iOS beta program!

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

Do you want to see our new features before others can see them? Do you want to have the possibility to share your feedback directly to our engineers? Do you want to participate in user surveys? This is your call to join our beta program on iOS!

Just send your email address, first and last name to and we will send you an invite!

How does it work?

  1. You’ll get an email invitation from TestFlight
  2. You have to install TestFlight and follow the instructions to redeem the invitation
  3. Install the build and use it just like you use the app normally.

This is how a successfully installed beta app looks like:

How to send feedback?

Option 1:

  1. Make a screenshot of the potential issue
  2. Tap Share icon
  3. Scroll down till you see the “Share Beta Feedback”, tap it
  4. Give as many details as you can about what happened and Submit it

Option 2:

  1. Open TestFlight app
  2. Tap Freeletics app
  3. Tap Send Beta Feedback

Just a couple of further notes :point_down:t2:

  1. When your subscription expires, please go to App Store, install Freeletics app from there, buy a subscription, come back to TestFlight and replace the current app version with the test version.
  2. The Android Beta program is still open. If you want to join beta program on Android, just go to your Play Store, look for Freeletics app and join the beta as it’s shown on the screen below :point_down:t2:




Yes i want to join bêta !


Lasserre julien


Let’s go, Freeletics!


Super exciting! Thanks, Ben. Email sent :smiley:

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Sorry, Android user :slight_smile:

Best regards,



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I shared that info with those of my community being on iOS and not reading the forum. :slight_smile:

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What happens after beta test version is over, do we uninstall that version and install official one?

From my experience with other TestFlight apps, yes. But I have had TestFlight apps that I have been using the test version for years. The expiration can extend out when they push out a new update. So for one, I have been one release ahead of the public for 2 years now. It’s up for FL how long they want to continue the test flight program, but once the app expires and the stop the program then you would go back to the public version

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Hi Ben,

If I install the beta app for testing will my data from the present app be deleted?


@eSCode Just your app settings (like countdown, applause, other audios) are gone. All your personal and training data isn’t stored on your mobile.

I use the default app settings so when I switched to the beta app I didn’t notice any change at all. The data was all there and the coach day was even the same.


The same for me, I can’t see any change at the moment.

Is it ok?

It doesn’t look like there are currently any noticeable differences between the public version and the beta version. I expect that will change at some point, when they have features for us to test.

Received beta update today :+1:

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Me too! Looks great so far. I’m looking forward to using it for my workout today :smiley:

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Cool Update today, I like the “preview” of all exercises.


Can using the beta version lead to a crash of the application during the workout? Is this already the RC version, free of any issues that could potentially cause problems during training?

If you are asking if you are more likely to encounter bugs with the Beta version this is probably not incorrect.

Of course we do rigorous QA to try to prevent bugs but they will and do occur. The Beta release allows us to identify and hopefully resolve any major problems in the app prior to the main release.