Let's talk training stats

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

I want to gather some information as to what training stats we all want to see in the app. I can not promise that anything will appear in the app soon, but we’ll be able to use all the input here to make a case for some changes and hopefully help steer the direction of any work done on this area.

So, what kind of training stats do you find yourself wishing for? In a dream world how would you like this to be displayed?

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Some of the stats that I would like to see:
-Freeletics Fitness - I assume that the coach already tracks this in some way in order to decide how much training load to assign, but it would be great if there was a universal tracker of the coaches estimated fitness level for you. Something that could be compared to other free athletes but not necessarily a god workout time or PB. The current level and point system is a good way to track total experience with the app, but doesn’t reduce after a long break or reduction in training volume like a fitness stat would. Strava does this for running and it is really motivational.
-Training volume over time - I like the current weekly tracker for how much time is being spent in the app (workout count is useless since an Aphrodite and 10 pushups are both 1 workout). It would be great to show the weekly history and trend data.
-Generally, trend stats are really fun to look at… Am I spending more or less time in the app on a weekly basis, am I doing more or less burpees, running, pull-ups on a weekly basis, etc. This would also be great to see for the above mentioned fitness tracker.
-The current coach streaks are great, but I would love to see the new challenge feature offer a streak mode that tracks how many days in a row you do x exercise or workout without missing one. The challenge is to see how long your streak can go.
-Single Rep Averages for exercises: I would love to see the average time that it takes me to do a burpee in a workout. For gods, this could be shown for each exercise in the workout. This would also be great to see historically. If I want to beat my PB I can look back and see how each exercise compares to my average on my current PB and know better where I need to improve


Hi @Ben ,

following topics would be good to see:

  • Number of specifc Exercises in current year: a lot of people count all their Pushups, Burpees, Pullups and so on manually during the whole year. There is probably an easy way have that shown inside the app ( counting single Exercises as well as when they are part of Intervalls or Gods)
  • A history of the Training Journeys with main key figures would be great as well. When it is time to select a new Journey, I always wonder which I them i have already done



Well, I miss an info, or a graph that says me when I was at some level. I guess that’s a simple info and it will help me to track the rhythm of my progress.

  • Would love to see comparative stats: so, this could be a graph showing the amount of weight you can squat, or the average time to do a burpee, or stuff like that. Would be great to see how certain core skills improve over time. Obviously it’s tricky deciding what to narrow in on, but for instance I’d love to see graphs tracking how much I can lift in the dumbbell journey. Maybe weight per reps, to even that out. Could even show stuff that is already tracked, like total amount of weight lifted in a session.
  • Would like to get feedback on like my level of fitness - like, is what I’m doing beginner level, intermediate, advanced, or what? I would like to be able to aim for certain things more easily.
  • Would be great to set goals and see progress towards those - like I want to be squatting 20kg, for instance.
  • Just would generally love to see more behind the scenes of how the algorithm works!

Hi Ben,
I’d like to see

  • how I performed on a specific God Workout (or part of it) over time.
  • how much I can lift on every exercise over time.
  • and if any HR monitor could be paired with the app, it would be great to have an overall performance plus HR on God wourkouts.

thank you for asking.



After some weeks (years) of training, I can’t clearly remember which journey I did and when.

It would be great to see all journey displayed on a timeline (including breaks between trainings and journeys).



Great feedback everyone-this is all super useful :muscle:t2: I’ll keep this open for another week for new comments.


I have already started an evaluation tool when the data could still be accessed via Api.
I was interested in

  • How often have I already done which workout in which variation (simple, double, triple, endurance, standard, strength)?
  • how often have I done which exercise?
  • in which workouts / exercises did I log the star and when?

This is information that you can also get from the app. It’s just not clearly laid out at a glance.

But then I am interested:

  • How often have I done burpees, pull-ups, an aphrodite, etc. in a certain period of time (e.g. year)? How often with and how often without a star? And I mean as a whole: e.g. burpees both as an exercise and in the workouts.
  • On which days of the week do I statistically do a PB?
  • How has my performance changed during an exercise/workout in terms of time?
  • In which season do I primarily do PBs?
  • As a woman, I am of course also interested in the phase of my monthly cycle I was in when I did the PB.
  • how much time in my life have I spent doing burpees on Freeletics? Or planking?
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Additionally to all the mentioned above, it would be great, to have stats on the weekly training volume for each muscle group. In case you are not doing a journey, this could facilitate to structure your own plan/ setting own goals and volume over the week for certeain muscles.


I would’ve liked to see what exercises were excluded from my workout plan due to my choices.

For instance, I chose silent workout and kettlebell only. It would be constructive if the coach told me something like, “Hey, I would’ve added this and this but didn’t because it’s not silent,” or “this dumbbell exercise would’ve been perfect for you, but you don’t have it.”

I could probably find a way of incorporating those things if it’s recommended.