Add non-Freeletics Workouts

I believe Ben added this to the backlog already but throwing it out there for folks to “vote” on. I’d love to be able to add additional workouts (such as cycling) to the app so the coach can take them into account. That way, when I’m sending a couple days on the bike versus doing Freeletics, I can get “credit” for those activities. Ideally, this would involve an integration with Strava (or Garmin, or other . . . ) so the heart rate, effort, etc. are factored in as well.


Hey again Neil :wave:t2:

I willingly give a +1 on this :joy:

+2 please. I’d love to be able to add in walks and yoga sessions


Maybe as an a first alternative, faster and easier solution, instead of implementing a long list of different workouts and integration of other apps, the freeletics app could ask me a few questions about my manually added workout like:

  1. Type of workout: strength, cardio, mixture of both, …
  2. Which body parts did I use?
  3. How tiring/hard was the training session?
  4. How long was the training session?

Overall you would be able to give the coach a quick feedback so it can readjust the next journey workout.
For example if I just decide to do a nice gym session with a friend. Although maybe all exercises are available to select in the app, I wouldnt need to manually search each of the exercises and select what I did one after another.


+1 would make the experience more seamless. I guess most of us enjoy other sports as well and that would ideally be taken into account (no leg day after a 1h run, less upper core day after bouldering ;))

Great Idea.
With games I got 4-5 football session during the week. I don’t want to keep out leg exercises but my football sessions in the evening are a lot harder after doing 80 squat jumps in the morning.
When I choose the easier option the other exercises don’t fit my Level.
A possibility to adjust this would be awesome.
There are some days at the end of the week where my legs are just too wasted.
You all stay safe xx

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+1 yes, I do a variety of other things that are not on the app and would like to feed the relevant information to the coach. These extra things can vary in intensity and frequency so it’s important for the AI to know.

Une intégration avec garmin serait super :ok_hand:

I’am using Google Fit, to integrate all my sport sessions.
Freelectics is integrated with Fit and you can easily integrate all your activities in one app.

Yes to this! On my first ‘session’ I was supposed to be running intervals, but my phone froze (it’s Montreal after all) - so I went on to do my ‘old’ run, but wanted to log it somewhere.

Similarly, some days I’d like to use the stationary bike and log it.

I was using MyFitnessPal for awhile, and there was quite a bit of customizability.


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Hey John, welcome to the Forum :wave:t2:

I don’t just want to say “Hello” though :joy: This :point_down:t2: is possible! Please feel able to log this kind of activity if you want in the App-you’ll also gain some points for this :muscle:t2:

You can log ANY type of run like this through the Explore tab… But sadly there is no option to add a cycling session like this.


edit: I can’t run that fast :wink:


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No vote for me.