LGBTQ+ Free Athletes?

Hey Freeletics Community!

My name is Emily, and I am a PR and Brand Relations Manager at Freeletics. :wave:t2:

For the first time (:exclamation:), Freeletics is publicly celebrating PRIDE month. Many of you may have seen that we’ve even updated our logo to mark the occasion. As we’ve never done this before, it’s a big deal. Even so, we know this is only the first step to take along our journey to become a more diverse and inclusive brand. Freeletics is for everyone, no matter how they identify, how they look, or who they love. We believe that the LGBTQIA+ community is powerful bc of the adversity they face in society/societal stereotypes. :fire::muscle:t4:

This is where we need your help! We’d love to be able to tell some stories on our social media channels over the month from this fantastic community to learn more about their journey with fitness, body image, etc. We want to lend more visibility to this community and offer a safe space to uplight our fellow Free Athletes. Not only this, but we also want to challenge the status quo of the fitness industry by including more voices, experiences, and stories.

Building upon our logo change, this is another step in the direction we want to head in.

If you are interested in sharing your story, I would love to connect over email personally. You can reach me at

Lastly, we realize sharing your story can require vulnerability and strength. We thank you in advance for your bravery in this endeavor. :heart::sparkles:


I’ve been using Freeletics for about 6 months now. I’ve also met some incredible people, one of my friends thought to tell me he was gay as we got to know one another a little better. But this is only because we chat outside of Freeletics. This doesn’t bother me as I believe in freedom, I don’t judge people. I don’t see this friend as a “gay friend” I see him as only a friend. Why should so much emphasis be placed on an individuals sexuality? Since when did this become public business?

To be honest, I was enjoying Freeletics as a very non political workout space. Everyone I interact with we talk about fitness, our goals, diets and the weather. That’s it and it’s very relaxing. No worry of confrontation or friction.

Why should it be the business of a fitness program to discuss peoples very personal business of sexual preference? Could we just enjoy a space that is neutral and free of current political agendas?

I hope Freeletics doesn’t go down the path of being nothing more than another brick in the wall like all the other companies who center themselves around political agendas.

If it does then we might as well remove the “free” from the name. Because we will be preached at like watching any other news channel.

Much love to all. Peace :v:


The best way to be politically neutral IS to show support to minorities. Otherwise it’s a way of perpetuating majority oppression on minorities. And the LGBTIQAI+ community is not about sexual preference anyway. Well I won’t good deep into arguing, I’m not a big fan of companies doing marketing on the matter also, but it might do some good to some people.


Thank you @Tommy this is exactly what we are trying to do - showing respect and support


But would not be the first step to show respect and to support for example non-binary people to introduce the non-binary gender?
I know some who don’t feel binary and can certainly empathize with the problem of having classify themselves as binary.

It feels like you’re going about this the wrong way. First create facts and then make an advertising campaign about it.

I count myself as a bisexual in the LGBTQ+ community (I also have troubles to classify myself clearly as binary), but I really don’t like this kind of support, to be honest.

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I agree and understand this point, and I think it’s a sad part of the times. Everyone who is a public figure is being forced into picking a political persuasion, one can no longer simply keep their opinions to themselves.

Yes I understand what you try to argue when I mention preference, yet by literal definition that’s what it is, without mentioning the subtleties of what constitutes said preference. Forgive me for what is to follow as it may seem uncouth for I have my own principals in regards to these matters.

The fact is that sexuality, especially alternative sexuality, is a very private personal subject that everyone does not feel the same about or agree on. Is there any consideration for the people and families who may associate these things with personal traumatic experience or hardship? The answer is no, there is only a militant political ideology that is forced upon people to cheer and accept. If this is not accepted, then as we mentioned before you are given a bad name.

Not even being acceptable to be indifferent? Honestly this is the very definition of intrusion.

All around the developed world LGBT is open and celebrated as much as you like, from Berlin to Washington DC they fill the streets with parades. It’s illegal in many countries to even speak negatively on the subject.

This is hardly the picture of an oppressed people.

The only people being disparaged are the ones who seek respite from all of it, where there is no refuge any longer from politics or a new found ideology demanded to be your new reality.

Not to mention the wrath that is incurred if you dare to disagree.

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Thank you all, we do appreciate your opinion and input.


Much respect to the Freeletics Team for giving platform and allowing open discussion. :slightly_smiling_face: