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Hi, My name is Maxim and I work as a Supply chain manager, here at Freeletics.

And let me tell you, what you are about to read is definitely gonna stay in your memory :slight_smile:

At first, I have thought of using all of these fancy AI tools to write it for me, but I think words coming directly from me will have a bigger impact!

So, grab your protein shake and let’s dive into it:

The time was August 2022. I was full of hope and enthusiasm. It was almost a year since I have started working at Freeletics and moving to a new country definitely took its toll on how I looked. My weight was steadily increasing to 90kgs and some of my shirts were not buttoning up as they should :see_no_evil:

So I decided that it is time to do smth about it and join the Freeletics’ bootcamp. Boy, I must tell you this was tough in the beginning. Training 4 times a week, changing diet and giving up drinking was not easy. But slowly, I have pushed through the first month. Then the second. And here, after the first visible results were in, we were given a cheat meal!!
We live in Munich, the capital of a massive event called OKTOBERFEST.
(I think you all know where I am going with this…)

September 22, 2022. The feeling of freedom so vivid, you could almost taste it. The first schnitzel, the first beer after 2 months - felt amazing. So there came another one, and then another and another… In my head, I was perfectly fine to perform a trick called “dance with someone on your shoulders” but my lower back was definitely not ready for this. Long story short, I break one of my spine disks and am taking to the hospital in an ambulance cart.

But that day, something else snapped in me (apart from one of the discs) - it meant I could not do sports anymore. What about my goal and desire to become the better version of myself? So after 6 months of no sports and a feeling of leaving something only half finished, I did it again - I signed up for the second (first and a half?) bootcamp from Freeletics. And let me tell you, I was more than ready.

I performed all the exercises and more, I managed to adapt my diet almost immediately, I was motivated by seeing the people from my last attempt still going strong. So this time I knew, it was gonna be better.

So here I am, 13 kgs lighter (or if we compare to my first weight in Aug 22 - 18kgs), looking better than ever in my life, proudly finishing my bootcamp from the beginning until the end. I am not going to say that this time was any different. Pushing through is tough. Eating clean is tough. Saying no to your bad habits is tough. But I can guarantee to you, if my lazy ass could do it - yours can too ;)))

I will add some pictures so you can see for yourselves:
Pic 1 - me in Aug 2022
Pic 2 - me trying to stay positive in the ambulance
Pic 3 - me and my progress in 90 days of the bootcamp 2023

P.S.: I even signed up for the next one, so if you are reading this and you have been accepted - see you soon!


And love the 2nd photo - no, I am not a horrible person, I mean I love the spirit of trying to stay positive in THAT situation!

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ahaha thank you! :slight_smile: well, when there is nothing you can do anymore what is the point of being sad !


Maxim, thank you for sharing your inspiring journey with us! It’s incredible to see how you overcame challenges and setbacks to achieve your goals. Your story is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination. Congratulations on your weight loss and completing the bootcamp! Your transformation is truly impressive. Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you for motivating others with your story!

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