"Live Class Experience" feature - live rep counting and auto playing the next exercise

I am a brand new user of the app, so perhaps this has been shared already or not what this app is intended to be used for, but in my forum search I didn’t see this specific request.

I like the “go at your own pace” functionality when performing individual reps in an interval workout, however I personally find it very helpful and motivating to have a coach counting out the reps for me. It would be great if the “AI coach” could count out reps in sync with the timing of the video demonstrations and then automatically initiate the next exercise with the appropriate rest/transition time just like a live class instructor would.

Other thoughts:

  • This would reduce app touches/interface to help users stay in the “workout zone” physically and mentally
  • for extra motivation a human voice could be used with common exercise counting methods (e.g. when ten is the last rep, its natural to finish with “…and ten”
  • Could add in motivational quips like “just two more!” - comes with a risk of getting repetitive annoying if used too frequently
  • alternatively a computer/siri voice could opted for instead of a human voice for the hands free nature of the feature
  • would need ability to pause the 'live" flow
  • app would need to know the order of the proposed flow to allow for correct transition time e.g. transition from one standing exercise to another needs less time than transitioning a body weight exercise to one that uses equipment.
  • feature would be purely optional