Actual repetitions

It would be good to have, in order also for your coach to be trained better, a place for us to add the actual repetitions that we did on an exercise.
For ex. if you give for an exercise of burpees to do 50 repetitions and i do 30, it wouldn’t be the same at the end, evaluating hard ok good great without it the actual repetitions.
I hope to see that soon.

I don’t get the point. Why should someone do less exercises than expected? If you are struggling with 50 Burpees - take all time needed to do them. Your time is in this case all the feedback needed.

(Or scale down to another exercise, e.g. to Knee Pushups when pushups are supposed. But giving the correct feedback “wasn’t able to do all repetitions” is the key).


Obviously you don’t get the point.
The fact of the time someone has to do an exercise its relevant. Someone, for ex, me may see the exercise set, lets say 30 mins in total and then you calculate your schedule around this time to complete the set of exercises. If you can’t complete the full number of repetitions either because you are not strong enough yet to complete or you simply don’t have time, you can’t go on and “take all time need to do them”.
Plus, you’re missing my suggestion and you just said your opinion.
The feature that i requested was to infact the “coach” ai or real coaches behind to calculate to the algorithm so they can have lower burpees till the person makes it and also together with the additional feedback of “hard, ok, good, great, excelent” to increase THEN the number of repetitions and not from the START giving a HUGE number of repetitions that someone that is at the beginning simply can’t do yet.
I hope you understand my point :slight_smile:

ps: scaling down to another exercise is irrelevant for the specific topic.

For not having enough time, there is the Quick Adapt to shorten the session. :person_shrugging:
There’s also the possibility to shorten a session manually by deleting parts of a coach day. In your case: delete 50 burpees from actual coach day, select 30 reps from exercises and do them. This will also taken into account by coach.

I wouldn’t welcome another feedback or setup screen. The app is already not that easy to use with the tons of setups in many different screens. Also the workout flow is highly discussed and most users don’t want additional clicks. It may be useful in your case (although the app already has alternatives for it), but I guess that’s not the case for most of the users. But maybe I’m wrong about this and other users support this suggestion. I’m just afraid that the app will become unusable at some point due to more and more requests for edge cases.

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first, thanks for the suggestion of deleting a part, i didn’t know that and i will check it out.
second, concerning the “adapt” i’ve already used it and its has already set on the time that i wanted, nevertheless on the occasion of repetition its not working properly as it guess that it will need “that amount of time” which is relevant…

selecting the “30reps” after you finish the daily workout is an option but not ideal.

i do understand what you’re saying about many setup etc.
thus i only said to add after you finish the specific exercise the actual repetition. meaning no additional feedback at the end which perhaps you won’t remember exactly but only an optional place to add there, if someone hasn’t done the full repetitions.
for the moment i find the process quite interesting.
the only thing i would like to take out is actually the claps at every time that completes the sets etc… especially when you’re at the gym you either you attract eyes or you have to remember to lower the sound… lol.

Concerning the claps: you can disable the sounds.
It’s a bit hard to find: Go to Profile, select gear icon, scroll down to training setup and there choose the audio setup.