Lost god workout PB

Today I looked in my God workouts history (Profile > Medal > Workouts > Workouts) and just discovered that the RHEA workout I did on 13rd June doesn’t appear. There is no registered PB for this workout - nor in this History section, nor in the Explore All > God workouts section :person_shrugging:
I did nothing in particular - at least nothing I’m aware of (and maybe this is just normal but then I don’t know why).
I’ve a personal workout log so I’m sure I did it, when, and how much time it took me to complete it.

Didn’t reinstall the app. I’ve an iPhone 12 mini & an iPad mini 5th Gen both with iOS 17.5.1 and it doesn’t appear on both these devices.
Freeletics 24.25.3 on both
Language: English on both
Time Zone: Western Europe

Unfortunately I’m unable to perform any “steps” to reproduce the bug of course :sweat_smile:
It’s not a big deal but it was my first attempt of a god workout on my own… would love to see it again. Thanks for the help!

EDIT: just found a screenshot of the workout and add how it looks now…

I’ll send you a DM :+1:t2:


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