Make the app cheaper

130€ is too expensive. Reduce your overheads.

Gating health and fitness behind prohibitively high price walls that exclude people based on their ability to pay is kinda immoral and cringe.

Maybe you misread the fine print? It’s 130€ a year - not even 11€ a month. It’s not like getting a gym contract that costs 130€ or more a month.
Also, it’s not very hard to get a 30% discount down to 7,50€ a month. And if you are nice and a little patient, you may even find a 50% discount from Ambassadors in their social networks.

And because you asked so nicely, here is a 30% discount just for you, enjoy!


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Hi @liminal

It might also be worth checking if that price is not for the bundle Training & Nutrition.
If yes, you can probably save by subscribing only to the Training Coach.

130€ might be a bundle coach + nutrition

The training part (the most interesting by far) doesn’t exceed 90/100 € a YEAR (so it’s quite cheap considering how efficient the coach is) and it’s the official price in reality you’ll pay 30% or even 50% less.