Mutliple Equipment Presets

I love that you can set the equipment that you have on hand for a workout.
Unfortunately I often change between three places to work out (Home, Outdoor, Gym) and it is a pain to add/remove the equipment I have for that session every single time.

Therefore it would be great to have a possibility to create equipment sets that you can switch between easily.

For me e.g. it would be:

  • Home (10kg kettle, Pullup bar without space above, bench, wall)
  • Outdoor (no equipment)
  • Gym (all equipment)



Hi @egrito thats a great idea! Or even being able to adjust via the « adapt » button, that would be great

Was going to suggest this, but then I saw your post. Same thing here, I train in different environments with a variable set of equipment. On top of the three you mention, I sometimes travel a lot for work, and I might bring some mini bands but not much else, or I will find an outdoor training area with pullup bar for example. It is not exactly quick and easy to change the equipment each time.