Nutrition App Update


I am a long time user and recently restarted my membership after a year of break. I realized that the Nutrition App wasn‘t really updated ever since and the bugs on newer iPhones (mine is 11) is still there.
E.g. at the bottom of the Recipes overview there is always the note „. Or that there is sometimes ab error when I remove a meal from that list. And lastly, it seems that the Recipes list isn‘t sycned between my 2 phones, when I create my meal plan for the week on 1 phone I have to relogin on the other to see the updates there.

So I guess my question is, will there be another update to fix things? Where can one notify about bugs?

Oh and of course: some new recipes would be great along with the possibility to change meal size from e.g. M to L.


For me, it would also be very interesting to know whether the app is still being developed further and whether a subscription to it would still be worthwhile.

Are there any news about this?

@Ben Could we maybe get some information on that please? Would be very good to know, thanks in advance!

Hey Pascal and Noway :wave:t2:

Nutrition is still being fully supported :+1:t2: And we certainly plan on developing this further. Regarding exact next development steps, this is a subject that is currently on the table, and although we have not yet determined the changes that will be made I think when we do get to work on it, it will certainly be to make more than just minor corrections.

We have to prioritise the development of the Freeletics experience, and the feedback that we receive regularly from the Community plays a huge role in how we do this. Just this year we have made huge updates to the Freeletics experience: Badges, Dumbbell and Kettlebell Journeys, Resistance integration in to Bodyweight, Skill Progressions, and now Group Challenges. All of these improvements have required the mobilisation of all of our resources, which means that other areas such as the Nutrition App have not had any significant updates during this period.

I know that there are lots of things that we haven’t done-just looking at the feature request section I can see a whole host of requests that regularly come up, but we can only do so much at any one time.

From my side, I’ll make sure that Nutrition continues to be discussed :+1:t2:



Still last update was Jan 27 2020 for Android.

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That is about the same time when there was an update on iOS. Apple Store says 1 year ago.

At this point it seems that the Nutrition app isn’t really a priority compared to the Freeletics app, even though its arguably as important as working out. I mean not even bugs are dealt with?

I definitely won’t extend the membership unless there is a significant update coming with new features & recipes. And I doubt that’ll happen.

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