Previous Year statistics

I am sorry to say that there are no annual statistics for the previous year this year?



Hey Mela :wave:t2:

I don’t think we sent out annual statistics last year either :thinking: although I do know for certain that we did the years previously.

I was thinking about this myself earlier this week when I received my Strava end of year summary: I really can see the value in this, and even apps like Spotify are doing this kind of yearly recap now.

I think it’s probably too late to do anything for this year-but I’ll bring this up with the team and am certainly happy to add my own voice to pushing for this to return, although that doesn’t mean we should expect this next year :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m sorry I don’t have anything more positive to share :frowning_face:



Last year there was one looking like the weekly one. Not that good as the ones back in 2017 but in the end there were some numbers.

I really don’t understand why it is not possible to provide a public REST API to consume own training data (with credentials for sure) in real time (without asking the support). I’m sure I would not be the only one writing some statistic tools using this.


I second this Ben! Stravas year in review was really, really good this year — i was surprised at some of the stats it showed as i didn’t think I had trained as much as I did, but there ya go! I’m sure if freeletics did the same however i would have been just as surprised at the stats… the year in review is a great visual and motivational tool all round.

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I feel like there was one last year, too, but maybe I’m misremembering. I would LOVE it though. I don’t post about working out often, but I was looking forward to posting my yearly review!

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I love the Spotify year in review, and I think that something like that would be awesome for this app :slight_smile:


I was thinking exactly the same - would be fantastic to see a wrap up of the year. I would even suggest doing something monthly if feasible similar to Strava - personally I do find these useful and motivating.

We totally agree about the “REST API”. I think this issue is very important. Also it would be great to bring up the topic, would you do that? Please tell us about what you have done so far and your ideas. There are many Free Athletes in Turkey who will be interested, I want you to know that they are software developers like you.

Hey, I’ll get back to you in a few days with a message about my plans and ideas. I can safely discard the previous one, because the API no longer exists (it was the same one that statletics used).

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

I’m just revisiting this as we would like some input on this topic :wink:

So, thinking about a yearly stat summary/year in review/wrap up…what kind of stats or achievements would you ideally like to see in any overview of your training progress for 2022?


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Good morning Athletes,

Thanks for picking this up again. Next to general statistics I’d be interested to see the improvement made in a year.

#of training journeys completed
#of challenges completed
#of improved personal bests
#of new skills mastered

Maybe also:
-average time trained per coach session

What about a general statistics overview in the personal profile allowing still down and export?

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Thanks for the input :+1:t2:

Re this :point_up:t2: In the longer term, better access to your training stats is definitely something we want to work on. For the purpose of this specific topic, we just want input on what an ideal summary of 2022 would look like for most people :+1:t2:


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Hi @Ben ,

It would be good to see which journeys have been finished in the past.


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Oh, I’m interested a lot in statistics but in a more generic way than just an overview :confused:
I’m having an excel sheet containing all gods in their occurance (Endurance, Standard, Strength, 2x2, Single, Double, Triple) I ever did and if starworthy or not. Since 2019, there is also a sheet with all the Burpees I did.
But I’m interested in progress (slower or faster in Burpees?), how may hours spent with Burpees (a lot but not enough), Pullups, Pushups? Or with Squats? How many reps? Is there an exercise I gain my first star? Especially as woman: what about my performance during my hormonal/monthly cycle? Is the best day for a PB a Monday? :joy:

That’s a lot of detail for “just” a yearly summary :rofl:

We want to work on training stats in the future, but that’s a larger piece of work :+1:t2:


I’d appreciate a personal summary. Not something that is static for all (see above, e.g. #of challenges completed etc. → what if i didn’t join a single challenge?)

I suggest to present relative data and personal highlights:

  • biggest improvements (absolute or/and in %) over previous year - by exercise, god, … (faster, longer, farther, stronger…)
  • it must be love: activities/exercises/gods done most often
  • your nemesis: activity/exercise/god done only once (or showing negative performance trend)
  • brave new world: activities/exercises/gods done for the first time
  • dedication:
    • total minutes trained (and change over previous year)
    • perfect weeks (vs. previous year)
    • highest week streak (vs. previous year)
  • global rank by minutes trained or number of exercises recorded
  • local rank by minutes trained or number of exercises recorded (if location / home base info available)
  • collage of all pictures uploaded with workouts (if any)
  • Freeletics impact on world health/fitness (total minutes trained, km run, people trained …)

You may need to segment the user base to make it meaningful and relevant for all. For example, those who

  1. recorded activities in 2022 and 2021
  2. recording activities in 2022 but not in 2021
  3. recorded activities in 2022 and in the years before 2021 (welcome back!!!)

You could also segment user base by number of workouts done per week during past 3-6 months. Someone doing 4-6 sessions/week needs a different fix than someone doing occasional 1-4 sessions/month.

Just a thought.

As always, less is more. If you pick 5-7 things that would be plenty. And mix in what Freeletics as a community achieved…

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