See the man with blue muscles during the exercises

I would like to see what muscles are implied in any exercises, not only before starting the exercise, but also while I am duing it. Some times I forget to take a look at the figure with blue muscles before the exersice. It would help me with the technique, especially with those of weightlifting


Agreed, even I want that muscle animation during workout and at the end of it as well. So once the workout is done, I can review the muscles that were involved .

So, you want to replace the videos with a static picture of all involved muscles?

Hello Christian, I don´t want to replace the videos.

Before starting an interval, at the top of the screen, there is a video and at the bottom there is a figure with a man with blue muscles, to explain what muscles have to be used in the exercise. But once you press the start button, you can´t see again this man. Most of the times I forget to take a look at this man before starting the exercise, as you have to scroll down to see it, and when I´m doing the exercise I have doubts if I´m focusing on the right muscles. I would like to see the man during the rounds of the exercise.

Hi Manuel,

of course, I know about this figure (the man). What I meant: when you started a workout, you will see short repetitive versions of the training videos. What you are asking for would mean to replace these short videos because where else would you place this figure?

Hi Christian,

the videos are very helpful. You could place it at the bottom (scrolling down) during the resting time between rounds. At the same place it is before pressing the start button.