Spotify Playlists Question

Hi. I’m new to the app and still figuring things out. I had a question around connecting to
Spotify playlists. When I click the Spotify icon it takes me to a long list of pre-populated playlists and only 4 of my personal playlists. Can someone tell me how to have the app access all of my personal playlists? Thank you.

Hi rdlaub, there is a link with “Show all” next to the shown selection.


Thank you. But I do not have that option.

Are you on iOS or Android? Which App Version?

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I am on IOS. Version

Hey @rdlaub :wave:t2:

Trying to work out if this is a :bug:

Also want to check the obvious, that you do have a premium Spotify account?

If so, try disconnecting the connection with Spotify and then reconnecting, making sure to grant the data sharing permissions.

If there’s no joy, let me know and we’ll have to take a look at it in a bit more detail :+1:t2:

@melaLetics Are you on :robot:?


Hi. I definitely have a premium Spotify account. I disconnected and reconnected the connection with Spotify and there is no change. I still can’t see beyond 5 personal playlists. I am running IOS 15.2.1 on iPhone 13.

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Thanks for the additional info, that’s actually very helpful :smile:

One of the team will reach out if we need more information :muscle:t2:


Yes, I’m an Android Girl :innocent:

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Hey @rdlaub :wave:t2:

Quick question-are your other Playlists public or private? They’ll need to be public to appear here :bulb:


Ahh. I believe they are likely private but I will need to check. If they are public, that means everyone can see what I listen to?

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Yeah, the Spotify app won’t share them with us if they are set to private :+1:t2:

If they are public then essentially anyone can find that Playlist on the search results in Spotify but this is different to people seeing what you’re listening to. This is a different setting :point_down:t2:


Looks like we have solved the playlist issue. I needed to add them to my profile. Thanks.

Next question. on the choice to select genre, when I click on that, it only gives me one choice. Is that supposed to be that way?

Yes, if you choose to select a genre, only one Playlist is created.


I mean it only gives me the choice for one genre.