What's wrong with the colors

Wha’s wrong with the colors? I think the colors are not freeletics anymore and doesnt feel right


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Hi Tristan :wave:t2:

We’re rolling out a new colour scheme in the app that will be dark mode compatible. This looks like the dark mode version of that scheme so if you have recently updated this could be expected.



Hi @Ben ,

just updated to Version 22.35 on iOS and received the new colour scheme. This blue on white is very hard on the eye. Please have the team to review this combination.

Thank You


This looks like the old scheme @Liverputlian :see_no_evil:

If you are still seeing this then this looks like a :bug: What model iPhone are you using and also your iOS version?


For reference @Liverputlian :point_down:t2:

Dark mode disabled

Dark mode enabled


Hi @Ben,

I have 22.35 installed (on iOS 16), but I don’t have the new color scheme - there is no difference between Dark and Light Mode. So the progress bar looks like @Liverputlian 's:

But, my question is regarding those small boxes on the right!? What is this? When pressed it looks like “Follower” … Is this as it is supposed to look?

And another: When opening an athletes profile picture, there is an empty grey box where the “Close” button used to be:

Is this color scheme related? Already known?
Thanks & Regards

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Hey Freddy :wave:t2:

Thanks for the further info, that’s actually very helpful-can you tell me what device you are using?

So, essentially, this doesn’t look right at all, as you’ve probably already guessed :see_no_evil:

In your first image you should be seeing the “Follow” icon in these boxes :point_down:t2:

i.e. the below icons :point_down:t2:

The problem with the second image seems to be the same kind of issue.


May I ask how do I enable dark mode?


@Freddy - I might be asking you for repeat information, but can you make sure your phone is not in dark mode, and share this screen again? Does this at least enable you to read the screen and see these icons?

@Sdelgado - It looks like it’s not compatible with everyone just yet :see_no_evil:


Hi @Ben ,

this behavior is on iPhone SE (iOS 15.6.1) and iPad Air (iOS 15.6.1). The empty boxes are the same as for @Freddy . Box is empty for Athletes i am not connected to. Athletes i am already following have the right picture shown.

Hope this helps


Uh WOW! Thanks @Ben and @Liverputlian! :clapclapstatic:

I have an iPhone SE 2020 as well, I’m running iOS 16. The screens look identical in either Light or Dark Mode. Here is a short video for both modes…

Hope this helps!

Hey Santiago,

May I ask how do I enable dark mode?

This is a setting in you phone OS. For iPhones it is in Settings → Display & Brightness.
For Android I cannot say :person_shrugging:


Thanks Freddy,

That’s sad, because I have dark mode enabled on my phone but since version 22.33.0 the app has turned white in every workout summary.

the new colors have been release for beta testers on the 12th and will be for the regular version from the 19th on.
Once you have the 22.36.0 installed, the change can be done directly within the Freeletics app under Profile > Settings > Display.


I agree, this new dark mode looks terrible, it doesn’t look or feel or look like Freeletics anymore. The Freeletics branding has always been white type on a black background. Even the colour scheme for this forum and the Freeletics website is white on black… grey just doesn’t work. It’s kind of mind-boggling how grey got past the branding dept considering :man_shrugging:

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@rua.donn indeed it doesnt feel like freeletics anymore. It feels too pale in my opinion, and not luxious anymore as it was before. Grey is a secondary color in my opinion as a designer. Black and that blue cta color was a beautiful contrast.

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Hey Freddy, I’m not sure why your app looks identical in both light and dark modes :see_no_evil: And still not sure why your “Follow” icons are blanked out.

Can you let me know if these are still blanked out for you when you update your app this week? Update should be available to you over the next 24 hours.


Good morning @Ben ,

After updating the iPad version, all follow buttons are available and the blue is not as bright anymore.

Thank you :+1:


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Thanks for confirming Michael :muscle:t2:


There is still something wrong, “Trai…”: