New update - New colour scheme including Dark Mode compatibility

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

We will finish rolling out a new colour scheme in the app to everyone over the next 24 hours.

During the work on this we were able to implement “Dark mode” compatibility which is something many Athletes have asked for previously.

You’ll be able to enable/disable Dark mode directly in the settings menu in your “Profile” tab.


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And what is the reason of this new color sheme? Is it because there is more coming that is more compatible with these colors? Because it doesnt feel like freeletics anymore, it feels too pale in my opinion, and not luxious anymore as it was before. Grey is a secondary color in my opinion as a designer. Black and that blue cta color was a beautiful contrast.


Hi Ben,
We appreciate that you guys are working hard to bring about numerous improvements.
Regarding the new colour scheme: I, personally, do not like this one, at all.

In the Spanish version that cutted sentences are very ugly. Not a big issue but just if that could be improved. Maybe smaller letters would help.