Évolution > add serie, custom timing switch, fav trainings

Hi everyone,

I’m french so sorry for my approximate English.

I use the app since many years now.

I think it lacks 3 features.

1- Add the choice to add 1 more serie at the end of a sequence. I finish 7 series and I feel good to add 1 or 2 more. The app should propose me at the end > Ok I don’t want more OR I can do 1 or x more series

2- please add a way to customize the 5 sec between the change of position. 5 or 10 sec. Sometime it’s really too short.

3- Please add a way to fav trainings, individual exercise, workouts etc… so we can launch them faster without having scrolling all of them. You can even propose them at the end of training session.

By the way, I love the app and all the evolution I saw coming since so many years. Keep the good work and don’t stop evolving !

Thank you.

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