UI/UX simplification

Hello, I love this app and I feel this topic has been mentioned tons of times but I really feel the UX/UI of the training sessions could be way more easy.

There is a lot of unnecessary information in the coaching sessions about options and changes: useless photo at the top, useless achievements you just reach in the middle of the session at the top, Adapt session button omnipresent that one barely uses, the need to scroll down to move to the next session. It could be way more easy to just go and do your training. Please, simplify this workflow that is our main interaction with the app.
Thanks a lot.

Adapt session feature I personally use sometimes. On odd times I can’t do a run, am really sore so want to change difficulty or exclude certain body parts.
Maybe the button should be placed to the bottom of the page tho instead of being fixed while scrolling.
Agree on page reloading and shooting back to the top each time you exit a workout.
And photo is pretty useless but hey, app has to look nice right? :yum: