New layout not showing how much the exercise took

Generally, I like the new layout. But it does not show how much time I needed for completed exercise/interval/whatever.

I need these, because coach is massively overestimating how fast I am. So coach estimation is consistently wrong and I need to do my own. For that, I need to know how much time I actually need and compare it with estimation.

Please, show both estimation and my actual time for coach prescribed exercises/intervals.


To be honest, I had a bit of a problem with this app too, but so far everything is fine

Hi @m.jurcovicova Thanks for your feedback!

I think this has already been mentioned here:

Feel free to add it there as well! :slight_smile:


I already mentioned the same!

I just finished coach exercises and the screen was showing the time after each part (interval, progression). I have Android and use “beta”. Last update was yesterday. So apparently , freeletics added this feature or are in the process to add it.

So, thank you freeletics, it is much better now and the change helped :slight_smile: