About that Apple Watch app (it's back!)

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

We have heard your concerns regarding the decision to withdraw support for the Apple Watch, and we all want to thank each of you who have voiced your feelings for your valuable feedback on the topic :+1:t2:

I very much understand that many of you have been using the Apple Watch as a part of your Freeletics experience and would like this to continue. In order to better understand how the Apple Watch was being used during your training, it would help us enormously if you could answer this short question. This will help us to better understand your needs with regards to an integrated app for Apple Watch.

What were you using the Apple Watch feature to do?
  • Not require your phone to swipe to the next exercise; aka a remote control
  • To know the next exercise without looking at the phone; aka see what’s coming next
  • Seeing the pause between exercises/rounds
  • Track my run without using my phone at all
  • Do my workouts without touching my phone
  • Other (please feel free to elaborate in the comments below)
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Thank you all so much for your time and responses!



This is absolutely fantastic news!!!

I am thrilled that the watch app will be coming back in some form, and also that FL listened to the overwhelming feedback from this community asking for its return.

For me, I used the standalone watch app a ton to do entire workouts without my phone. This was great for all workouts, but absolutely a game changer for runs. At a minimum, it would be really nice to get the remote app back so I can train without using my phone (but having my phone nearby or in a pocket (for runs). This would at least allow for a more free training experience. Ideally, I would love to have the full standalone app back. I know that I would exclusively use the standalone app for training if it was released.


Start the exercise with the phone and from there on only use the watch to through the different exercises.
It removes the need to go back to your phone to mark exercises as complete and go to next one.


Oh… and I have to add that I had to search for forum, freeletics and apple watch to find this form in the first place.
What I want to say that the forum is not linked on the main page https://www.freeletics.com/ and that the number of feedback you may receive is therefor limited in number because most freeletics users may not even know this forum exists in the first place


Mainly used as a very handy remote control in sets. sometimes your standing, sometimes on the floor and sometimes moving, always going back to the phone is inconvenient. Happy to use the app to move between workouts. Really wanted to use Freeletics for the running program, which was when i realised the watch app had been removed, which is rubbish for intervals, had to carry the phone, and simply stopped using Freeletics running instead. Had stopped using it for a bit in workouts, as Freeletics was not being recorded as one total workout in apple health, which was causing issues with an unrelated product. would definitely used it again if it returned, mostly as a simple remote control or to see how long / far rests and running intervals are. Have renewed my subscription this year, but almost didn’t, the core app is great, but having some apple watch functionality shouldn’t even be a question.


Thank you Freeletics!

Doesn’t need to be a super fancy app, just a remote control + timer + info of the exercise would be absolutely amazing for us apple watch users.

Thanks again :pray:t2:


First of all, the Apple Watch app should be an extension of Freeletics. You should be able to start a workout and finish it without the phone and if you need to do some cardio or running you should be able to track your heart data and the app should help you to maintain or go up or down a zone.

Freeletics Apple Watch app should be a gentler streak app + automated workouts based on your body stats.

Lets go and start doing things right. Make the app and the experience better adding meaningful functionalities to the users. We all know that Freeletics can be better. 10 years now, do we need to wait other 10 for this?

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I am really enthusiastic having a detailed tracking all my activities in Apple Health including heart rate, calories and so on. Since you killed the Watch App I use HIIT or functional training when doing freeletics workouts. First I grates one’s theeth, but now I accepted that fact.

So bringing back this kind of tracking would definitely be another benefit / feature from my point of view.

Being a this point of contributing I have to admit my wondering about your decision to kill the Watch app! Don’t you as a company - or the virtual trainer for me - profit from such data to improve workouts?
Every company tries to get as much data as possible for improving their services in order to be ahead of competitors.


For me being able to work out without the need of my phone was super convenient. It’s one less thing you need to carry when you are working out (specially if it’s outside or in a park). And it helped me a lot for a sense of disconnect from the apps (social media, etc).

For my workouts I used to have my music and workout in my Apple Watch, leave my phone at home and do my workout (either in a park or in a trail if it was running) and later in the day I would grab my phone again and synch the workout to my phone.

Also for the God workouts, having my heart rate reading in my watch while following up the routine was super helpful to help me control my pace in challenging exercises such as burpees.

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I cannot carry my phone all the time during workout and big problem to carry when I go for run. Apple Watch app was so convenient.
Pease bring back Apple Watch soon.:fire:


No plans for a Garmin app?

Having the watch app would make a huge difference. I am a lifetime subscriber, and if a similar app came along and offered a great Apple Watch (and otherwise) experience while Freeletics continued not to, I would probably switch. Please renew support for the Apple Watch app! :slight_smile:

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Hi all
It will be also interesting to display bpm on the screen. Mainly for cardio session or running.
I will avoid the usage of 2 apps :wink:

Thanks !


Please bring back the Freelectics functionality on Apple Watch. Switching between exercises on the watch gives a more seemless workout experience (especially if it’s raining) and also for running. It is also very helpful to have a reminder of the number of sets and to see what activity is coming up next. Having the heart rate and zones intergrated would also be amazing and having the freelectics activity showing towards the daily apple fitness rings. I’d be super happy if Freelectics worked on Apple Watch again!!


I mostly liked that I didn’t need to bring my phone with me when I loaded the workouts on the watch . It was also super helpful to Star stop workouts and see the exercises. The only thing I missed was heart rate shown during workouts.

The watch was very useful as a remote control, like using it to swipe to the next exercise or ending a workout. But the real benefit is really when it comes to running: it was great to use the experimental feature to load the workout onto the phone and then leave the phone at home while you go for your run. There is nothing more annoying if you have to run with your phone when you have an AW Ultra!

Great to hear that you are planning to bring back the apple watch support! Thanks a lot guys!!

Hi! Any hint of when are you planning to bring the watch extension back? I was using your app for 4 years as a subscription user, but removing watch extension was a deal breaker for me and had to migrate to another app. Any announcement about when are we getting the extension back would be greatly appreciated. I’d really love to go back using your app!

I want to get the lifetime deal on Freeletics but I need to know if the watch app will return. This post and survey gives good hope, but even the slightest confirmation would be reassuring. Right now, I’m using another fitness app what does have a watch app, but I would instantly return to Freeletics.