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Hi @Ben ,

My app is no longer loading. I’ve tried updating, restarting of the app, restarting of my phone. But I keep getting this screen (and yes, my internet is working fine wifi and 4G same issue):

iPhone iOS 16.1.2
Freeletics: 22.51.0

Please help because I can’t do my workout this evening without the app working :woozy_face:

Kind regards,

No worries @Rein, this can happen sometimes if you change a password or something like that :+1:t2:

Just log out then back in. If you aren’t able to log out, just delete the app then reinstall from your app store.


Hi, So I’m not sure if makes sense to have an active cool down routine focusing in muscles I didn’t exercise that day…
Could you advise?
Also, a suggestion… Once that you finished a step in the day’s routine, how about to automatically scroll down to the next step, instead to always return to the top of the routine list. If you are all shaked from the last exercises, it is difficult to scroll and select the next step…