Accessing the 10 years promotion


There is a promotion for the 10 years of Freeletics

I’m highly interested because my subscription ends in june
I can access it if I’m not connected, and it disapears as soon as I login

How to proceed ???

Thanks in advance



As long as you have an active subscription, it’s not possible to use this promotion.

Ok, thanks for the quick answer… my subscription ends next month too bad forme so…

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Same here - I’ve just renewed my subscription. Is there any possibility to get this offer? I’d buy it in a heartbeat.


Hey Luc and Philip, and everyone else that is interested in this :wave:t2:

So first a bit of background: for the 10th anniversary of Freeletics, we have launched an exceptional offer giving lifetime access to the training app. This offer is, however, currently only available to athletes who do not already have an active subscription. This means that if you already have an active subscription, it is not possible for you to purchase this access for now. The reason for this is that our system does not allow for multiple offers to be purchased on one account. If you currently have a coach subscription, you will not be able to subscribe to another one. The same goes for the lifetime access.

But don’t feel like you are going to miss out if you already have a coach subscription and would still like to purchase this access. Be reassured, we’re working on that, and it should be available for you at some point during the second half of May. We’ll keep you posted in this thread once you all have access to it, so check back regularly :+1:t2:

It is really important to note that the lifetime access is permanently attached to the account that was used to purchase it. It will therefore be impossible to transfer it to another Freeletics account, or to cede it to a third party, so please make sure you only purchase it for the account that you want to use it for.



I am happy to read this answer. I am also with FL 8 years now and for me it is a no brainer to signup for a lifetime access (of course on the 10 years anniversary price :wink: ) but my present subscription ends the end of this year :frowning:

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Great news
My subscription ends on June 30 and considering the results I’ve had with Freeletics I would subscribe for a life time at reduced price without any hesitation



Same here. My current subscription ends on the 12th of June. I’m going to be very disappointed if this offer will not stay at least until the end of the year, since it will actively discriminate those subscribers that just happen to have the renewal later in the year. If you are not planning to keep this offer for one year, you should allow current subscribers to cancel their subscription entirely if they wanted to enroll on the lifetime subscription to avoid random discrimination.

@nsnown Did you read Bens answer?

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Thank you @Ben for the information - so it is certain that we will be able to get the subscription offer in the second half of May if we already have an active subscription? I have the subscription via Apple but would LOVE to upgrade to lifetime membership!!

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I did, but i think i didn’t understand it on my first read,i thought they were just prolonging it until the end of the month🙈. So on the second half of May it will become available even for those with active subscriptions?

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Thanks for the information Ben.

I received the email Get the DEAL of a lifetime! 50% off Lifetime Access. and connect to your website through the link.
I do not already have an active subscription, but still can not get the offer of lifetime access??
Attached photo is what I’ve got. Would you explain why? Thanks!!

That’s why you are the target group for that promotion.
In case you won’t receive any emails from freeletics you should disable it in your account (privacy policy)

I’m confused. If i’m the target for the promotion, why I can not get the offer on website through link in the email? I’ve received the promotion email again last night. Still not working.

I absolutely misunderstood your question.
Try using that link (perhaps using an incognito tab of your browser)

FL athlete for 8 plus years. Disappointed the lifetime subscription isn’t available for loyal users. Truly hope this gets rectified soon.


Hi @boulevardforlife,

Welcome to the forum! Did you see this?

Cheers :clapclapstatic:


Thanks for the reply. I did see it but I just hope they are truly able to work it out.

Hi @Ben @Ambassadors,

good to hear, that you are working on it.
Actually I saw this and spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out, how to book this, after paying the coach / membership for the last 8+ years and also trying to join Staedium.
Doesn’t seem reasonable to have a loyalty program, thats only free to join for non-customers, does it?

Hope you get this sorted - maybe you could discount this offering for existing customers with running coaches or have this offering available as an extension.

Anyway - would be good if you could add this information intermediately to the blog helping people searching for the same answers.
Looking forward to your solution!

Received a macro’d answer from support and must admit, that this offer turns out to be another marketing deasaster (following Staedium). Never experienced so low interest in paying customers anywhere.
Odd, since exactly those people pay your wages.

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