Lifetime access - full amount instead of 50% off

Hi all,

I’m not able to get the 50% discount on lifetime subscription. Once I click on the promotion banner the billing page shows the full amount (see attached pics)

Any coupon to add maybe?


I guess the campaign is over as it was as supposed to be available on May.

There was a Freeletics lifetime campaign?? :scream:

Yes, there was.
See here: Freeletics ... FÜR IMMER!
And in several topics here in forum. It was also announced on IG and a lot of user posted it in app.

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Omg. Haven’t seen it neither on IG nor on the Freeletics feed. Why didn’t they send an email? :roll_eyes:
I’ve even listened to their podcast, lol.

@Topic: The link still works for me! Just bought it, thanks a lot, Mela! :heart_eyes:

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@Christian Freeletics has a podcast?

Yep. They communicated this in one of their recent celebration emails. Actually, it’s from Daniel Sobhani who’s also providing some insights into Freeletics’ next plans:

Noooo, I just started recently and so I completely missed it. And I hate abonements so much, I always resign ANY abo right after subscribtion to make absolutely sure I have no payments comming up I’m not aware of, and I most likely will not renew my abo when I can’t get the discount anymore next year… especially as it’s frustrating that it’s not possible to add another sport like swimming or biking or a hiking tour so it will be taken into consideration by the coach.