Accessing the 10 years promotion

Have you tried an incognito tab? Sometimes cookies also like to joking us.

Hi @Jackdawn , this issue has been fixed last Friday. You should be able to buy it without any problem now. If you still experience something, just dm me please and I will get back to you.


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I don’t have any subscription, but still can not access it. What can I do?

Hi @fitnhealthyy,

welcome to the forum! :clapclapstatic:

Do you have more details? What is not working? Are there any error messages you get?


Hi Freddy, thank you for answering.
I have freeletics from its beginnings, but at the moment I have no subsciption. I got the e-mail for lifetime access, but when I go to the link I only get 12 month subsciption for -45%. I would like to know, how much a lifetime access costs, to see if its affordable for me.

Thank you!

Try this link:

You should see that page:

Depending on your choice (Training w/o Nutrition) it would cost either 199,99€ or 249,99€.

The link didn’t work either. I’m in Turkey, perhaps it doesn’t work here?!
Regardless, although it’s a good deal, I can’t afford it right now anyways.

Thank you for your efforts!

Hey Ben, thanks for getting back to me. I’ve tried all that already. I’m currently without a subscription, trying to access the LTA, but without any success… only the 3, 6, 12 month option. Any idea what the problem is?
Many thanks!

Hi there! I’m without a subscription and also having trouble trying to buy the lifetime bundle subscription. The only payment option that appears on the website (I’m in Brazil) is credit or debit card. I’ve tried several different cards the past days and I always got the same error message: “There was an issue processing this transaction. Please try again or use another card”. The cards are working in other transactions.

Hi everyone :wave:t2:

Just a heads up that this offer will come to end on the 1 June!

If you are struggling to take advantage of it, please get in touch with the team via the below form :point_down:t2:


Hi Ben,
Once again I’m baffled by FL communication.
I joined the forum to find out things after learning by accident of the Apple Watch app saga. Reading the recent email summary of posts I see great news that there was a survey (dates missed unfortunately) asking which features users want back. Sad I missed it but GREAT NEWS.
Then I see this very nice offer for half price lifetime access - these two things together are absolutely brilliant news. We’ll done FL!! :clap:t3::clap:t3:
But, sadly again the offer ended yesterday. :man_shrugging:t2:
Nothing about it in emails or app and only found if trawling through threads or website. Which I don’t routinely do unless there is something flagged up that is interesting to me.
Maybe the rest of my lifestyle prevents me from being dedicated enough to deserve news, but I don’t understand how big news can only ever be found by accident and a promotion like that surely needs to be active for more than a few days? Reading some of the comments it looks like the offer access was only fixed a few days before it closed.
Why no broad communication of a significant offer?
Why the email timings and topics included don’t align / focus on important topics that might interest everyone rather than just the snap shot trends which are typically individual queries.
I’m banging my head off the wall here these things are so frustrating!
Will this offer return?

Hey Paul, I don’t think that the offer will come back soon, my guess would be at the 15th or 20th year anniversary but that’s just pure guessing on my part.

This offer was communicated via email, Insta, Facebook, App, Reddit and all others channels. Either you are living under a rock, honestly don’t understand how you have missed it.
After the fix you had 2 weeks to get the offer, you critique is wrong sorry.

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Thanks for the info :+1:t3:

My point here is that to be more inclusive it’s worth noting that some loyal customers are aged close to 50 and I imagine some well beyond that as well. :clap:t3::clap:t3:
I work full time with overseas travel, have 2 school aged kids, and like to cycle and run outside my FL commitments.
I have no interest in facebook, insta, Reddit or any other social media channels thank you.
I’m a paying customer so I’m interested in the direct contact FL provide. I found notification of your post in my email spam, so perhaps that explains the missing emails, but I actually found this thread yesterday after following the recent forum email which WAS in my inbox, so it is possible to reach me under my rock.
I just flicked back through my community feed in the app, and yes there were anniversary posts last month but there was no mention of a lifetime membership offer that I can find. Nor in the notifications.
This is not supposed to be a competition to see who is best at working social media, or finding a needle in a haystack. It’s about understanding your customers and making them feel valued.
My well intended feedback is to raise awareness that there are gaps, and I managed to do that without insulting anyone.

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It was literally all over the place, you made the false claim it was hidden before you. That’s simply not true.
They even had a banner in the app itself.
So mail and banner should have found it’s way to you, even if you don’t check social media at all.
I get the frustration you have missed it, but I don’t see any fault here accept you just have missed it.

So which channel would you prefer if none of the above have reached you then?

My point here is that to be more inclusive it’s worth noting that some loyal customers are aged close to 50 and I imagine some well beyond that as well. :clap:t3::clap:t3:


No trolling intended, I’m 63 and I did subscribe to the one time lifetime membership offer…


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Latarion, i understand that you saw it all over the place, but you seem to care more about telling me that I’m wrong than taking any of my comments seriously. You’re right about me being frustrated about this, that’s why I posted in the first place. If I saw this offer I would have signed up in a heartbeat. I’m disappointed by that, over the years I’ve been a member the price has gone up significantly and an opportunity to get a deal would be very attractive of course.
However, just to clarify, I’m not living under a rock or making a false claim. I’m saying those things are not obviously visible TO ME. You can judge my motives or my lifestyle all you want, but if it’s not obvious to me, I imagine there are others as well, and raising awareness in a feedback forum might help all of us going forward. Is that at least one reason it exists?
I do get emails and I do use the app - I’ve looked back through (again) and there weren’t long gaps of App inactivity and celebration posts are still there - 10 year celebration, story, challenges etc but no obvious reference to lifetime membership. Have I still missed something or is it just not obvious?
The emails from April don’t have anything obvious in title, or in content from what I can find. Although admittedly there doesn’t seem to be the usual amount in May so maybe the crucial ones went to Spam.

My suggestion is to put the headlines of key messages in the title (emails and feeds) so it’s obvious. If you feel this is already done more than enough, fine, we disagree. That’s okay. Let’s leave it at that.

I asked you which channel you would prefer, two should have reached you but didn’t?

There was at least email and the banner inside the app.

I don’t know why you getting it in a rude way, I simply stated which channels have been adressed.

So instead of putting words in my mouth what you believe I intended, you can focus on how the communication have ways for improvement.

I don’t feel we’re making any progress. Nothing more to add